La Decanatura > Entrevista con Marco Gentinetta // Interviewing Marco Gentinetta


Extracto de la entrevista realizada a Marco Gentinetta (1956). Él es una de las últimas personas dedicadas a la cria de mulas en Suiza. Marco Gentinetta nació y creció en Visp en 1956 y ha vivido allí desde entonces. Se hizo cargo del establo de su padre a la edad de 25 años. Por su trabajo con las mulas, obtuvo de sus fanáticos y simpatizantes el sobre nombre de “Muli-Marco”.

LA DECANATURA (Calderón & Piñeros). Work in progress. “De la mula al avión”. X Premio Luis Caballero 2019.
Agradecimientos a Valerie Bugmann, Prohelvetia y su programa COINCIDENCIA y a Videobrasil.


Excerpt from the interview with Marco Gentinetta (1956). He is one of the last person dedicated to the breeding of mules in Switzerland. Marco Gentinetta was born and raised in Visp in 1956 and has lived there ever since. He took over his father’s stable at the age of 25. For his work with the mules, he got the nickname “Muli-Marco” from his fans and supporters.

LA DECANATURA (Calderón & Piñeros). Work in progress. “From the mule to the plane”. X Luis Caballero Award 2019.
Acknowledgments to Valerie Bugmann, Prohelvetia and its COINCIDENCIA program and to Videobrasil.





About La Decanatura (Calderón & Piñeros)

La Decanatura is a collective made up of Bogotá artists Elkin Calderón Guevara and Diego Piñeros García. Their artistic projects generate new approaches to art from hybrid perspectives and disciplines, questioning hegemonic forms of knowledge and power. La Decanatura has been interested in displacement as a metaphor to be able to meet other realities, as well as to create links between memory and the ruins of the past. Through the audiovisual medium they establish poetics of time and space, playing with "Mise-en-scène", that document events, places and objects. At the same time this narratives produce dislocations and alterations that lead to new readings of reality. Currently they are nominated to the X Luis Caballero Award 2019. La Decanatura has been awarded various grants for the development of art projects such as the COINCIDENCIA Pro Helvetia Residency Programme in Villa Ruffieux, Switzerland, 2018/ 2019; the National Scholarship for science, art, and technology labs in Plataforma, Bogotá, 2017. The collective participated in important exhibitions and video festivals such as: HERE/NOW. Current Visions from Colombia. Amsterdam (2019). MACRO-ASILO (Video del giorno) Roma (2019). Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin (2018), VideoBrasil (2017) , Experiments in Cinema, New Mexico (2016). National Artists Salon. Colombia. (2016). The collective presented solo exhibitions: “Centro Espacial Satelital”. Museo Carrillo Gil. Gabinete de Video. Ciudad de México (2018) and "Caja Negra" (2017) at MAMM (Museum of Modern Art of Medellin). Their work is part of different private and public collections as KADIST, Banco de la República in Colombia and MAMM (Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín) among others.

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